About Us

Who is Duncolien Kennels?

All three of us, Duncan, Pieter And Nicolien has a passion for dogs.  Small or big. All kinds and all Sizes.  We Lived on a farm for many years and we have breeded so many beautiful Puppies. We decided to move to Bloemfontein in 2016. We could only take our  Fox Terriers along. This is how Duncolien Kennels was Born. We Register with KUSA and bought some beautiful Pomeranian and Miniature Smooth-and-Long Hair Dachshund puppies from registered breeders.  

We believe that a dog is really the best friend anyone can have. 

For Bookings and more details, please contact us on 0834542442 or 0824192227

You can email us on info@duncolien.co.za


KUSA Registered



We have more than 10 years breeding experience.


All our puppies are microchipped and innoculated.


Puppies can be Registered with KUSA